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Pacific Coast Horse Shows Association

October 2018

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5570
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PCHA Office: 480 W Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91506
Telephone: 818 842 8194 Fax: 818 842 6048

Office Administrators: Gaby Benton & Jonathan Millenbach

2018-2019 Board of Directors

President Archibald Cox,III Jan Ball
Vice President Georgiana Rodrigues Paul Bennett
2nd Vice President Mike Edrick Robin Serfass
Secretary Sally Hudson Hap Hansen
Treasurer Gina Groth James Hagman
Poncie Herrmann Sara Jorgensen
Nick Karazissis, Jr Pamela Turnball
Becky Martin Melissa Moore
Debbie Sands Holly Scapa
Stephanie Wheeler Raizy Goffman
Georgy Maskrey-Segesman Renee Baker

PCHA Important Announcements

    Here is your latest edition of the Pacific Coast NEWS. Alot of points have been tallied throughout the year so make sure you are up to date on your point totals. If anything does not look right feel free to contact the office (818) 842-8194.
    Its time to renew for 2018 membership. You are now able to renew online through our website or you can find our membership application on the website and mail it in. Don't forget the rider, horse, owner, and trainer needs to be members for points to count towards year end awards. 

    Interested in Sponsoring? Contact the PCHA office today to find out more!

    This years convention will be held down in San Diego at the Manchester Grand Hyatt January 4-5.

    PCHA also does eblasts throughout the month. If you would like to be on our mailing list, either shoot us an email or call the office. Topics are anywhere from rule changes, new rules, upcoming events, etc. Get on our mailing list today so you're up to date on PCHA news.

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Shows Pointed in This Issue

Showpark All Seasons August 29-September 2
Silicon Valley Classic August 29-September 2
Gold Coast Labor Day August 31-September 2
Portuguese Bend National September 7-9
SCPHA Show #8 September 9
Blenheim Fall Tournamnet September 12-16
Strides & Tides September 12-16
Blenheim Intl. Jumping Festival September 19-23
SHP Season Finale September 19-23
Foxfield Fall September 23
Sacramento Intl. Welcome Week September 26-30

 Rachel Joseph Achievement Award

    We all know how much Rachel loved this sport and loved her daughter Juliette. She worked tirelessly to make sure Juliette always had a "catch" ride. Whether a horse or pony you could always find Rachel running from ring to ring saddle in hand getting her daughter on making sure she was on time for all the trainers she committed to that day. Rachel was always seen working, rarely did you see her sitting or just hanging around. Every minute was dedicated to promoting her daughter, making sure Juliette would always have horses in her life
    We would like to dedicate this award to a "parent" that shows the most outstanding support and dedication towards this sport and their child. One that is seen like Rachel, doing hard work for their daughter or son. Often times the parents get left out and if you think about it, if it were not for the hard working parents these kids would not have these opportunities. Along with the perpetual trophy, a check for $1000 will be given to the winner each year. This prestigious award will be presented for the first time at the 2017 PCHA Awards Banquet.

Balmoral Farm

Presents a Perpetual Trophy and
all year end awards for "A" High Performance Conformation Hunters

Virtue 227.0
Boss 220.0
Bocelli 181.0
Now Were Talking 162.0
Top Shelf 153.0
Mallory Square 140.0
Pandora 62.0
 Get Rowdy 42.0
Ante Up 33.0
Cosmeo 24.0

Commitment to Excellence
Honoring the elite of Show Hunters
Balmoral Farm
Los Angeles
Carleton & Traci Brooks

Larry Mayfield

A Memorial Perpetual Trophy for
"A" High Performance Hunters

Skyhawk 272.0
Center Court 61.5
Matador 53.0
Ziggy Stardust 49.0
Now Were Talkin 45.0
Get Rowdy 34.0
Fanciful 32.5
Legacy 30.0
Cosmeo 29.0
Pahlymeyer 26.0

Rainbow Canyon Ranch and Mary Gatti are proud to sponsor

The Perpetual Trophy
and all year end awards for the
"A" 1st Year Green Working Hunters

Big Shot 517.0
 Kumano 325.0
Always Social 241.0
 Soon To Be 185.0
 Romeo 179.0
 Ciacolini 155.0
 Winterfell 126.0
Galactic 126.0
Pahlmeyer 95.0
Taxi Boy 70.0
Atelle NO 5 64.0

Rainbow Canyon Ranch

9300 San Gabriel Canyon Road
Azusa, CA 91702

Mary Jane Slouka

Proudly presents
The Cunningham Perpetual Trophy and all year end awards for
"A" Green Conformation Hunters

Always Social 325.0
Now Were Talkin 276.0
Gavroche 138.5
Fame 119.0
Jury Durty 53.5
 Ever So 34.0
Romeo 31.0

Wildewood Farms

376 E 22nd St
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Kate Considine

Proudly Sponsors the Perpetual Trophy and all year end awards for
"A" Children's Hunters 13 & Under

Gabriel 249.0
 Tattletale 151.0
Alliance 125.0
 Ever So 117.5
 Carusti 93.5
Calendar Girl 93.0
Chantilly 91.0
Fleur Delacour 74.0
Get Rowdy 73.5
Amar 72.0
Willow Brook Stables
4625 Oak Grove Dr
La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

In Loving Memory of Budweiser

A Perpetual Trophy will be Presented by West Palms Events with all year end awards for
"A" Small Pony Working Hunters

Buzzworthy 289.5
Heavenly Patch Of Blue 286.0
 Stellar Edition 205.5
Brownland Miss Kimmy 159.0
 Starswept Paris Blues 104.5
 Street Smarts 88.5
Bit Of Flurries 77.0
Phantom Of The Opera 26.5
West Palms Events Management
2683 Via de la Valle, Suite G-717
Del Mar, CA 92014

Headlands Management

Proudly sponsors A Perpetual Trophy and
all year end awards for
"A" Large Pony Hunters

Sam I Am 274.0
   All About Blue 216.0
Chiccobello 124.0
   Del Ray 120.5
Headlines 95.0
Imagine That 88.0
Charlies Angel 84.0
Party Favor 67.0
Candy Crush 35.0
Popular Place Pied Piper 34.0

The Talia S. Klein Memorial Perpetual Trophy

A Perpetual Trophy and all year end awards for
"A" Equitation 11 and under
Honoring the accomplishments of Talia S. Klein who herself was the highest scoring 11 and under rider for the year 2007

 Ariana Marnell 70.0
Mika Clear 49.0
 Madison Sanders 39.5
 Michelle Berry 38.0
 Skylar Wagner 26.0
 Alexis Azarian 21.0
 Georgia Yewell 17.0
Emerson Moody 16.0
Vivienne Wood 16.0
Annastasia Bleifer-Fragoulis 13.5

A Perpetual Trophy in memory of
Suegene Kim and Chelsea Weaver

 Brooke Mostman 272.0
 Avery Glynn 268.0
 Stella Buckingham 163.5
 Alexa Leong 152.0
 Breanna Bunevacz 152.0
 Katalina Rickard 134.0
 Skyler Allen 131.0
Brooke Morin 106.0
Bella Primavera 102.0
Emma Borders 91.0

Robyn Stiegler & Citrus Hill Farms

Proudly sponsor the Perpetual Trophy
and all year end awards for

Lanie Walkenbach 324.0
 Kate Abajian 261.5
 Emily Williams 214.0
 Juliette Joseph 180.0
Sarah Matzinger 171.0
Caroline Bersch 159.0
 Sophia Sanders 155.0
 Laila Klinsmann 126.0
Ellie Memari 105.0
Alexandra Sinclair 92.5
Kaitlyn Lovingfoss 82.0

Citrus Hill Farms

San Juan Capistrano, CA

(949) 355-9557
Citrus Hill's Facebook

Blue Ribbon Hunter / Jumper

Proudly sponsors the Perpetual Trophy
and all year end awards for
Region 3 Equitation 17 & under

Lanie Walkenbach 324.0
Ellie Memari 105.0
Ariana Marnell 76.0
 Tegan Zimmerman 60.0
Grace Gallagher 55.0
Annikka Singh 49.0
 Heather James 37.0
Payton Smith 33.5
Carly Sweeney 30.0
Michelle Berry 22.0

Blue Ribbon Hunter And Jumper

6325 Guy Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Rose Hill Stables

Proudly sponsors a Perpetual Trophy and all year end awards for
"A" Junior Hunters 3'3"

 Skywalker 476.0
Balletomane 462.5
Surfs Up 322.0
 Best Chance 242.5
 Playlist 226.0
 Maldini 194.5
Imagination 181.0
 Acoradus 171.0
Cedric Croft 166.0
My Way 163.0

Rose Hill Stables

5959 Camino Tassajara
Pleasanton, CA 94566

(925) 248-5950

Woodvale MNBC, Inc

Proudly sponsors a Perpetual Trophy and all year end awards for
"A" Amateur Owner Hunters 18-35 3'3"

Adele 389.5
Sambuca 388.5
Luciano 290.5
HLF Wanderlust 239.5
 Ironman 191.5
 Paddington 167.0
 King's Peak 105.0
Valentina 100.0
Lugano 98.0

The Anne Amerman and Peacefield Farm

Proudly sponsors a Perpetual Trophy and all year end awards for the
"A" Adult Amateur Hunters 36-50

 First & Goal 111.5
  Academy Award 83.5
Mr Worldwide 62.0
Delilah 62.0
 Elusive 59.0
Carubo 57.5
Ideal 55.0
Voila 51.0
Cartanja 46.0
Profekts 42.0
Never Say Never 35.5

Peacefield Farm

38951 Pauba Rd
Temecula, CA 92592

Barbi McCoy

Proudly sponsors
The Barbi McCoy Perpetual Trophy
and all year end awards for
"A" Adult Amateur Hunters 51 & Over

 Marie Rouge 228.0
 Frascati 222.0
Crockett 185.5
Convaro 183.0
Hey Sugar! 159.0
Diamonds And Pearls 136.5
 Cambridge 96.0
Island Time 86.0
 Fleetwood 80.0
  Purse Strings 73.5



Rider/Horse Category Total
Adele Low A/O 18-35 389.5
Sambuca Low A/O 18-35 388.5
Soon To Be Low A/0 36 & Over 372.5
Ciacolini  A/O 18-35 307.0

                    TROPHY COMING SOON....

Brookway Stables & Archibald Cox, III

Proudly sponsor a Perpetual Trophy and all year end awards for the
"A" Amateur Owner Hunters 18-35

  Ciacolini 307.0
   Brave 282.0
Legato 275.0
 Antwerp 263.5
Spotlight 235.0
 Patriot 206.5
Quentino 105.0
Davincis Bella Forte 99.0
The Answer 71.0
Not To Worry 67.0

Brookway Stables

11700 Little Tujunga Canyon Rd
Lakeview Terrace, CA 91342

Equine Insurance & Joe and Donna Parker

Proudly sponsor a Perpetual Trophy and all year end awards for
"A" Amateur Owner Hunters 36 & Over

Skyhawk 296.5
Meant To Be 227.0
 Ka-Ching 143.5
 Galactic 128.0
Uno Mas 117.0
 Cristiano 116.0
 Pacific Heights 97.0
 Classical 90.0
Ravenswood 81.5
Cosmeo 78.0

"We are horse people who understand the investment in your horse"
Equine Insurance
211 Glendora Ave
Suite B
Glendora, CA 91741

Ms. Karen Healey

Proudly sponsors a Perpetual Trophy
and all year end awards for
"A" Junior Hunters 16-17

Early August 370.0
 Nonchalant 270.5
 Castle 217.5
  Pahlmeyer 180.0
Favorite 178.0
  Roackaway 176.0
Bunistar 166.0
Virtue 125.0
 Felix 112.0
Ganache 78.0

Dedicated to excellence at all levels

Friends of Ted Fieger

Proudly sponsor the Perpetual Trophy
and all year end awards for


Glorious 28.0
 Just Remember 27.0
Just Amazing 10.0
Second To None

This Prestigious sponsorship made possible by friends of the late Ted Feiger

Balmoral Farm Janet Fall
Lightacres Shady Lane Farm
Stalls West, Inc Sterling View Farms, LLC
Guy Thomas Penny Walhler
Jenny Williams Zenfield Farm, LLC


Proudly presents a Prepetual Trophy and all year end awards for High Scoring Thoroughbred Award

Double Halo
Mulligan 18.0
285 W Huntington Dr
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 574-6622
The California Retirement Management Account (CARMA) provides funding for retirement of California-raced Thoroughbred horses and serves as an educational resource for the public and racing community.

The Shelby Drazan Memorial Perpetual Trophy

"In honor of the riders who give unwavering support"

This annual perpetual trophy is awarded to the junior equitation rider who exemplifies sportsmanship through virtues of integrity, respect, honor, courage, support, and graciousness in winning or losing.

The Courage and Commitment Perpetual Trophy

Given with Pride in the names of Karen Healey, Scott Wilson and Archibald Cox, III

This annual perpetual trophy is awarded to someone who demonstrates Courage and Commitment.

West Coast Equine Partners, LLC

Proudly presents a Perpetual Trophy
and all year end awards for
"A" 2nd Year Green Working Hunters

Banksy 460.0
Meant To Be 173.5
Cufflink 137.0
 MTM Fashion 136.0
Top Shelf 128.0
  Pusissance R 84.0
Favorite 67.0
Ka- Ching 49.5
Farolito 25.0
Mallory Square 19.0

Tals World 

Proudly presents a Prepetual Trophy and all year end awards for "A" Low Junior Jumpers

Lara Croft B 3357.98
Zafira $2,898.00
Quadea 2,140.75
Cassito Del Diablo 2,019.50
Cubiki 1,857.00
 Why Not B 1,506.00
 Campari 1046.00
Zandigo 983.80
 Cole Haan 957.50
  Cornelensky 943.10

Tals World

Proudly presents a Prepetual Trophy and all year end awards for "A" Low Amateur Owner Jumpers

Top Top $6,616.30
Mary Poppins 6,158.30
Fleury 4,553.12
The Closer 3,820.97
  Congaton 2,856.36
Boomerang 2,546.70
Kalina 2,216.40
Tarrabas Du Maraly 2,049.00
Legis Air 1,571.60
Dons Diamant 1,408.00

The EMO Agency Inc.


The PCHA offers Leading Horse and Rider awards at the end of each show year. The awards are computed based upon money won by members and recorded horses in Grand Prix classes of $25,000 or more at PCHA sanctioned shows. If a rider rides more than one horse in a class, only the money won on his/her highest placing horse will be counted towards the Leading Rider Award.

PCHA Leading Horse
 Milano $93,250.00
Cupilor 65,100.00
Caillou 24 54,640.00
Samson II 52,500.00
 Colicchio 41,500.00
 Tembla 24,900.00
 Vancouver 45 22,800.00
Coupis 22,700.00
 Calypso VD Zuuthoeve 21,000.00
 Catypso 19,800.00
PCHA Leading Rider
 Mandy Porter $94,050.00
   Michelle Parker 89,800.00
  Nicole Shahinian Simpson 81,850.00
Richard Spooner 77,716.00
Karl Cook 71,640.00
Zazou Hoffman 61,600.00
 Keri Potter 53,850.00
Kenneth Vinther 41,500.00
 Carol Wright 30,250.00
Theodore Boris 29,300.00

Emo Agency, Inc.
Mike Moran
Providers of Equine Related Insurance Services

Proudly Sponsors PCHA Grand Prix Rookie Of The Year

Pacific Coast Horse Shows Association Leading Amateur Owner Jumper & Rider awards

The PCHA offers Leading Amateur Owner Jumper & Rider awards at the end of each show year. The awards will be computed based upon money won by members and recorded horses in Amateur Owner Jumper classes at PCHA sanctioned shows. If a rider rides more than one horse in a class, only the money won on his / her highest placing horse will be counted toward the Leading Rider Award.

Leading Amateur Owner Jumper
Chaccos Goldy $12,080.40
Dons Diamant 8,918.00
Coral Reef Baloufino 5,500.00
Clearing 5,339.00
 Diableur 4,466.00
 Dicaprio RV 3,793.00
Domino 3,593.80
Quintago VA 3,546.80
Escapado S 2,606.40
Ideal De La Hasse 2,400.00
PCHA Leading Amateur Owner Rider
Natalie Dean $18,866.70
Nicolette Hirt 7,338.00
Claire Follmer 5,339.00
  Hannah Von Heidegger 4,996.00
 Emma Waldfogel 4,614.00
 Saree Gordon-Solanki 3,968.80
Katelyn Edwards 3,573.80
Uma O'Neill 3,546.80
 Vani Khosla 2,905.00
Anna Ishiyama 2,429.00

Pacific Coast Horse Shows Association Leading Junior Jumper & Rider awards

The PCHA offers Leading Junior Jumper & Rider awards at the end of each show year. The awards will be computed based upon money won by members and recorded horses in Junior Jumper classes at PCHA approved shows. If a rider rides more than one horse in a class, only the money won on his / her highest placing horse will be counted toward the Leading Rider Award.

Leading Junior Jumper awards sponsored by Susan Hutchinson in memory of Jimmmy A. Williams

PCHA Leading Junior Jumper
Amadeus $5,674.44
  Cubiki 5,494.00
La Corunja 6 4,386.00
 Asombro 4,014.00
Campari 2,856.00
  D Adermie R8 1,798.70
 Bubblegum 1,356.60
 Cro 1,320.60
Beau Beau 1,150.00
Quadea 1,100.00

Leading Junior Jumper Rider awards sponsored by SHALANNO Farms

PCHA Leading Junior Rider
Hannah Loly $12,808.00
Tali Dejong 7,407.85
Emma Catherine Reichow  6,865.60
 Alessandra Volpi 4,435.60
Sophia Siegel 3,474.30
Clea Caddell 2,856.00
 Zoe Levitan 1,892.20
Kaitlyn Lovingfoss
Virginia Bonnie 1,100.00
Amelia Enzminger

The Friendship Cup

At the annual year end awards banquet, SHALANNO FARMS will present the THE FRIENDSHIP CUP, a sterling silver Perpetual Trophy, to the Junior Jumper Rider of the Year, along with two sterling silver replicas, one for the Champion and one to be presented to the Champion's designated recipient.


In Memory of
Lorraine N. Lorimer

A Perpetual Trophy dedicated by her family and friends, awarded to the professional rider winning the most show championships in PCHA Rated Hunter Divisions at
"A" shows

John French 46.0
Jenny Karazissis 12.0
John Bragg 12.0
Nick Haness 10.0
Karli Postel 6.0
Jamie Sailor 4.0
Leslie Steele 4.0

J.J. Smith Memorial Award

Proudly sponsored by the Wm. R Nissen family
Victor Hugo-Vidal

Award goes to Rider of Horse

Rider/Horse Category Total
Stella Wasserman & Fine Design 15 & Under 391.0
 Lanie Walkenbach & Early August 16-17 370.0
Stella Wasserman & Casallo 15 & Under 329.0
 Juliette Joseph & Cathartic 15 & Under 326.0
Sybil Rose & Ciacolini A/O 18-35 307.0

Karen Lucian Presents Region 1 awards

Adult Amateur Hunters 56 & over

Horse Points
Hey Sugar 47.5
Escamillo 30.0
Brazil 3.0

Equitation 56 & Over

Rider Points
Lisa Carman 62.0
Lisa J Brown
Mary Cimolino 16.0


Katalina Rickard
Madison Nadolenco
Alexandra Farfaras

Avery Kalafatas

Ariana Marnell

Michelle Berry

Stella Wasserman
Parker Cliff
Sophia Kivman
Maci Anderson
Victoria Simonds

Madison Sanders

Vivienne Wood

Paige Walkenbach

Ella Cate Duke

Maile Smith

Bailey Rose

Grace Blunkett

Charlotte Holtke

Mika Clear

Shiloh Roseboom

Alexis Azarian

Emilie Bell

Talise Baker-Matsuoka

Grace Plunkett

Michelle Berry

Lauren Little

Maci Anderson


Alexis Maida

Julie Knoop

Mollie Hartung

Catherine Westling

Sara Markham

Patty Gill

Susan Sadlier

Kimberly Cheikha

Shannon Kelly

Natalie Rae Medlock

Greta Salmon

Lisa J Brown

Lindsey Schiefelbein

Lorri Quiett

Shelly E Wilson

Emily Hartley

Matilda Schulman

Katherine Gaffney

Shannon Davidson

Emily Goldberg

Dana Colwell

Hannah Klinedinst

Palmer Dooley

Lauren Matherly

Danae Paras Evrigenis

Angela Pommer


Jack & Linda Baker Reining

Jamie Walters & Dance With A Gunner

Casey Bibbs & Spooks For The Chics

Sheila Nash & King Of The Coast

Rebecca Murray & Gunjacked

Justine Leedom & Gunna Spook Ya

Patricia Cooley & Irishdotcom

Katie Fellion & I Gotta Crome Star

Michael Leedom & Nockin Ruf

Hannah Warde & Millionchic

Carrie Clark & Pistolalena

David Adams & Dunits Lil Gun

Emma Tedrick & Heckuva Joker

Laina Banks & Magnums Little Whiz

Douglas Danner & Gunners Hickory Lena

Laina Banks & Misters Smokin Gun

Pat Kafetzopoulos & Shinestein
Jeanne Rosenberg & Some Kind Of Smart
Linda Katz & Reminic N Ruf
Mary K Cachet & Magnum Sparkle
Kelsey Nichols-Rhyne & Streets Of Tinsletown
Hannah Warde & Zackly Right Time

Deborah Schoenleber & Helluva Smart Kid

Sydney Morris & Trashed My Wranglers

Kimberly Olivetto & Optimus SHine

Kailey King & Whiz N Tuck

Heather Porter Smith & Lil Joe Tag

Elizabeth Kelley & Custom Birdie

Mary K Cachet & Hollywood Boomtown

PCHA Horsemanship 14 & Under

PCHA Horsemanship 18-34

PCHA Horsemanship 35 & Over

PCHA Jr/Am Horsemanship 2'9"

Jenna Oursler-Cherins

Hannah Joe

Nicole Callinan

Maryjo Tisor

Sydney Bookey

Olivia Simon

Madison Sanders

Emma Santos

Jennifer Collins

Michelle Gaubert

Sofia Muchaela Ellis

(818) 842-8194

Advertising in this publication are not be be construed as endorsement by the Pacific Coast Horse Shows Association


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